ArtFX is a centre of excellence in the area of creative design and manufacturing. 


Endlessly fascinated by how things work. From small to large-scale sculptures, model-making and scenography, through to animatronics, props, puppetry and movement; we are interested in all stages of artistic design and fabrication.


Working with a wide variety of designers, artists, advertisers and creative partners to bring their original concepts or designs to life.


A mutually supportive and inspiring environment for talented artists and designers to come together to create innovative work. 

We specialise in providing artistic, high-end solutions and services for film, TV, theatre, advertising, dance, events and festivals, in Ireland and internationally. 

Our Team

Our team is a group of multidisciplinary and multinational artists and model makers who have trained in Art, Design and Performance in Ireland and across Europe. Each of our team are highly qualified and recognised designers and makers in their own right, working with major Irish and international theatres and companies. 

Our combined experience and emphasis on teamwork helps us develop innovative solutions to complex creative problems.

Head and shoulders of Ger Clancy in black and white.

Ger Clancy 

ArtFX Artistic Director and founder Ger Clancy is an award-winning artist and designer with over 20 years experience working as a sculptor, visual artist, designer and maker. His expertise and experience encompass the fields of practice associated with visual and spectacle arts, theatre and film. Ger is also Programme Chair of the Design for Film programme at the Institute of Art and Design DunLaoghaire (IADT), Ireland.

Head and shoulders of Ciarán Bonner in black and white.

Ciarán Bonner

ArtFX Head of Construction Ciarán Bonner is a highly sought after scenic artist and model maker with over 15 years experience in stop motion, puppetry and performance. Ciaran has created notable works in all sectors of the arts, working on numerous large scale film productions, TV shows and live events.

Head and shoulders of Aidan Fox in black and white.

Aidan Fox

A talented designer and model maker with a high level of skills in digital fabrication, specialising in construction design and fabrication processes. Aidan is a problem solver who enjoys technical and mechanical challenges. 

Head and shoulders of Eugenia Genunchi in black and white.

Eugenia Genunchi

Eugenia is a highly-skilled scenic artist, sculptor and model maker. She is an experienced designer whose work has toured extensively internationally. She excels in creating figurative works using a variety of processes, such as poly sculpting, hard shell laminations, silicone painting, hair work and final dressing.

Head and shoulders of Monika Clancy in black and white.

Monika Clancy

Monika is a seasoned artist who specialises in the performative arts. She has worked across the creative sector as a dancer and choreographer nationally and internationally. She also brings her media expertise to the ArtFX team, coordinating our website and social media presence. 


2022/23 The Irish Times Theatre Awards
Audience Choice Award, Ger Clancy ArtFX, No Magic Pill- Christian O’Reilly/Raymond Keane

2022/23 The Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best in Design, Ger Clancy,Laethanta Sona/ Happy Days, Company SJ

2020/21 The Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards
Nominated for Best in Design, Ger Clancy, Laethanta Sona/Happy Days

2019 Dublin International Film Festival
Winner of Best Short, Five Letters to the Stranger Who Will Dissect my Brain

2019 Dublin Fringe Festival
Winner of Best Production, The Examination, BrokenTalkers

2019 Irish Times Theatre Awards
Winner of Best Production, The Examination, BrokenTalkers

2019 Inclusive Assessment & Feedback Universal Design Case Studies from IADT and UCD
Assessment as Learning – Measuring your own Success, Ger Clancy, Publication

2018/2020 PAN PAN Theatre
Honorary Associate Designer, Ger Clancy

2011 Dublin Fringe Festival
Nominated for Best in Design, Ger Clancy 

2010 Dublin Fringe Festival
Best in Design, Ger Clancy, Waterworn


Abbey Theatre
Gate Theatre
Irish Theatre Institute
Project Arts Centre
The Lir Academy
Theatre Lovett
Broken Talkers
Junk Ensemble

Eclipse 3D Media

ArtFx is a true gem in the creative industry, grounded in a craftsperson approach and committed to limitless expression. Their dedication to innovation and imagination is matched only by their ability to meet deadlines while going above and beyond. If you're looking for a team that can bring your vision to life, Ger and his team are the perfect choice.

Keith Wilson - FUEL

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