Company SJ
Photography: Cormac Coyne

Funded by: Arts Council Ireland
In association with: Galway International Arts Festival

Design & Fabrication for Stage

Laethanta Sona (Happy Days) is a play by Samuel Becket that emerges from the landscape, language and people of Inis Oírr, off the West coast of Ireland. The challenge of this project was to create a sculptural piece that worked in harmony with the sublime settings of the island, and have the capability to serve both the text and the actions dictated by the play. The project involved considerable planning and judgement to achieve a sizable object in a remote location, using only sustainable and natural materials. There was a deep collaborative relationship in the making of this piece with both the director of the play and local stonemasons. 

Conical wooden shape being constructed in rocky landscape.
Man standing on the top of wooden conical structue in rocky landscape.
View of conical rocky structure in rockey landscape at sunset.
Man kneeling on projected stage looking towards female in conical rock structure.
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