Commissioned by UCD School of History.

Photo credit: Luca Truffarelli

Design & Fabrication for Stage

The Examination is a documentary performance work exploring mental health and human rights in the prison system in the UK and Ireland. It is based on historical research and interviews with current life-sentence serving prisoners and performed by stand-up comedian and former prisoner Willie White. ArtFX created a set design that was strongly influenced by the research on issues and social concerns around internment that informed the performance. A room of sorts doubles as a cell and a projection canvas to transport the viewer to alternate locations and times throughout the piece. A high level of careful design utilises forced perspectives and scenic painting to create an illusion of depth and confinement when necessary.

Figure standing on a stage in darkness except for a red spotlight.
Man sitting cross-legged on stage with a projection of plant pots behind him.
Man sitting cross-legged on stage with a projection of a large plant behind him.
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