Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dundrum Ireland

Fabrication for Spectacle - Miniature models fabrication

ArtFX created a display of iconic buildings from New York city for Dundrum Shopping Centre, realistically represented in miniature. The painstaking level of detail evident in the structures is owing to detailed drawings and construction plans created by ArtFX, that were then run through their lasers to cut out the building structures in birch plywood. The assembly of the buildings was robust and incorporated lighting  and other small scale modelled and cast details. All miniature buildings were textured and painted to best suit the desired look of the actual buildings.

Miniature Empire State building with figures and shopping centre in background.
Miniature New York building with theatre billboards.
Miniature One World Trade Center building with shopping centre in background.
Side view of row of New York buildings, presented in miniature.
Miniature models of two New York buildings on flagstones.
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