Photo credit: Luca Truffarelli

A co-production with Project Arts Centre and Mermaid Arts Centre

Design & Fabrication for Stage

The Circus Animals’ Desertion is a dance theatre performance by BrokenTalkers, inspired by the automatic writing experiments of George and William Butler Yeats. The mood and tone of the piece is carnivalesque and absurdist, and the set and mask design created by ArtFX complemented and embellished the performance. In response to the nature of the performance ArtFX created a set design that was minimal, serving a need for projection and an orchestral box. The design requirements for this show demanded a high level of mask work and live special effects. The moulded masks are sophisticated structures owing to the high functionality required.

Two figures saluting on stage with projected image behind.
Figure wearing a black and white cat mask.
Stage set with projected image, orchestra on left and figure on right.
Stage set with projected moon and sky behind, two figures dancing and one figure on left.
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